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Cologne based DJ/Producer Maik Loewen has been building an enviable reputation over the recent years with his standout single releases for Pokerflat, Karmarouge and Trapez. Now he releases his first EP for his own Niveous Records imprint, a label with a refreshing outlook and intent to release the very best of electronic music.

Loewen musical history dates back to the beginning of the decade when he relocated to Cologne from Dusseldorf. He immersed himself in the underground electro and techno culture of the city and soon struck up a friendship with Gabriel Ananda and the Karmarouge crew. His work with Gabriel and his studio engineering skills led to studio work for Trapez and on to his own extremely successful releases for some of Germany’s leading labels.

All of this experience has been synthesised into this latest release ‘Questions’, a four track EP showcasing Loewen’s production skills and passion for quality house music.

Kicking of the release we have ‘Melina’ a deep and warm house cut build around a flamenco guitar and classical Latin vocals. This record has an instant charm and character that is hard to ignore and is bound to find favour with househeads across the globe.

Next up is the wonderfully deep and techy ‘Picnic’, a journey into the realms of simplistic yet highly emotive house, stripped to its bare elements to expose its true soul.

Penultimate cut ‘Dint’ sees Loewen move further into heads down territory with this hypnotic track that rides along on a wave of layered percussion and warm, rich bass tones.

Finally we have the EP’s title track ‘Questions’, a cut with a ethereal and slightly haunting atmosphere that builds into a brilliant piece of leftfield house. A great closing piece for a superb EP.

Maik Loewen’s ‘Questions’ is released on Niveous Records in late Oct / early Nov



2000 and 0ne

nice ep!


Robert Dietz

nice one! :)


Tony Rodriguez, Brothers’ Vibe

Very nice…Love the PICNIC track! All good : )



Dint, I will play out. Thx


Roberto Rodriguez

Nice ones! Great release. These go straight to my sets.



questions is very nice. will play.


Agnes / Ray Valioso

Yes, straigh cool for me !



Picnic hits my favourite keys, Dint is lovely too, and questions! awesome release thanks


Alex Niggemann

Questions is nice!


Moritz Piske

full support for all tracks!


Matthias Meyer

hey, thanks for this. all tracks are good here. will play 1 or 2 for shure. i like them. thx



dint is nice..thx


Anthony Collins

loving the track dint! super hot stuff :-)





Chris Lattner

Dint and Melina are the picks for me here. Especially Dint is for the more silent moments in my sets. thx


My My (Lee Jones)



Arnaud Le Texier

Nice release with nice some atmospheres and good choices of sounds! Support



nice tracks!


Liapin, Afrilounge

big Release by Maik! love all tracks! Liapin/Afrilounge


Somone Else

dint is amazing! and picnic is nice too. full support on this one!


Simon Baker

i am liking “Piknic” here. Will support.


Double D, Moodymanc

I really love all the tunes in this release; very organic feeling; right up my street!!!


Claudio Coccoluto

deep class


Patrick Zigon

Awesome EP!! Love it!


Eric Borgo

like picnic



Surprisingly really really loving Melina!! Groove is fantastic….


Lars Behrenroth

oh yeah .. the girls are gonna love this! .. Melina will work very well Dint takes a minute to grow on you, but once it does, it won’t leave u alone Questions is very sweet, too .. I just wish it would go somewhere .. that’d make it even better


Chris Gruber

Quality deep house tracks! My favorites are “Picnic” and “Questions”, I like such warm sounds!


James Teej

interesting stuff, liked melina and questions the best… pretty deep ep



Questions is a nice track.


Daniel Sanchez

Lovely grooves on this one, all tracks nice ones!! Support from Holland. Picnic and Dint my favourites



i like Picnic a lot. Nice Chords and Piano… Dint is also great. Groove Monster! Solid Release. Thx.





Milton Jackson

questions has a nice vibe on it thanks.


Michelle Owen

Love this release! I will play it out!


Jepe, johnwaynes

This one is gonna straight for late september parties in Ibiza! tnxs guys!


Nic Fanciulli

Great EP !



good grooves!


Emerson Todd

really strong release this .. Dint and Questions would be fav of the bunch though


Ed Davenport

Some pretty percussive action from Maik. Always a fan of his clean and sharp production. Questions my pick. cheers


Thomas Schumacher

Quality house music. Deep and versatile. Great!


Raymundo Rodriguez

four absolute belters, more eps like this please, can’t wait to drop these.


Jozif Goodwin

oh my fukin god!!! Dint is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Super gräät! i like these cuts! Melina & questions are my faves.


Daniel FX

dint and questions are the one for me here! will play. thx


Daniel Mehlhart

cheers to the former karmarouge dude ;) very nicely produced and fresh sounding. i’ll try to play everyone ! yep


Frankie Flowerz

Maik Loewen is fantastic-full support for ALL tracks-they are lovely.nice to listen to as well.



Dint is for me. No drama, the way i like it!

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