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Maik Loewen has been making some of the best house music around in the past few years, recording for leading labels such as Trapez, Karmarouge and Pokerflat. Now it is time to bring it back home with his appearance on his own Niveous label and hot on the heels of his recent ‘Questions EP’ comes this stunning debut album entitled ‘Back in the Days’.

Loewen’s sound as a producer and DJ is a rich tapestry of electronica drawing on the threads of house, techno and minimal to create a full and engaging listening experience. This has no doubt been shaped by his experience as one of Cologne’s most respected studio engineers and by his friendship with the highly respected Gabriel Ananda. That said this album is undoubtedly a very personal expression of Loewen’s music and soul, drawn and collated from his recordings of the last 5 years.

From the hypnotic opener ‘Basement Stories’ with its pulsating analog stabs this is an album with a real sense of quality to it. The warmth of sound and tightness of production make this collection of tracks become more than the sum of their parts. From the percussive deep house of ‘Tell Me’, through the broken beats of ‘Let’s go my Friend’ to the techy closer ‘Black Paper’ there is a sense of varied styles bonding together to form a perfect union. ‘Back in the Days’ pulls in melodic and musical elements in perfect balance with the more tech sound of house and techno and in the process creates a listening experience that transcends the ordinary.

Maik Loewen has served up an album here that stands as a marker for the first five years of his career as an artist and with music so good it was certainly worth the wait.



Sebo K

great album! very smooth and dubby! full support from me!


Anja Schneider

I really like the album. Really soulfull and interesting. Will play and support. Black Paper is my favorite! thxxx


Motorcitysoul (Matthias Vogt)

nice tracks.


Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe

All around nice project… Excellent productions!


Laurent Garnier

Nice groovy album , will play track 1 and track 4


Ian Pooley

Tell me is a very nice track , will play it !


Eric Borgo (Tsuba)

great album…thanks a lot for the promo!!!


Liapin (Afrilounge)

next great tracks by maik! love his stuff!


Nils Nürnberg (8-Bit / Dynamic / Bloop)

Hmmm… Always hard to pick the favorite tune out of such a load of tunes. they all sound really great and well produced to me… ‘My Old Couch’ for instance goes down really well. I’ll check’em all out. thx for sending this and respect for the work.


James Teej (Rekids)

likin trippin on chords the best, though the whole album definitely has an appeal. nice chill stuff.


Anthony Collins (Freak n Chic)

nice deepness



the hole album is nice. i think my pick is my old couch.


Peace Division (Clive Henry – Circo Loco/NRK)

Deep deep deep…


Tom Demac

This is spot on! some very nice vibes here, right up my street an not just an album full of cookie cutter loops! Debut?!?!?!


Roberto Rodriguez (Compost / Freerange)

Great deep tech album. One track was over the others for me and that was Black Pepper. Overall a quality album which has nice listening tracks and some even for the dancefloor. Nice one!


Andre Crom (Heimatmelodie / Leftroom / Sender / Liebe*Detail)

strong classic deep tech house, really like it! will play several tracks of this, especially tripping on chords…


Patrick Zigon (Puzzle Trax / Highgrade / Sounderground)

Great Album!! Awesome dubby & techy stuff!


Claude Von Stroke (Dirty Bird)

My Old Couch and Fall sound good to me.



interesting goonna give it a go at the club and see what the people say..diggina a few tunes here!


Chris Lattner (einmaleins-musik / moon harbour)

cool chilling tracks…perfect for warm up sets


Sebastian Roya (Conaisseur / Sender / Sounderground)

wooowwww, awesome!!!


Paul Loraine (Loco / Fondation)

Thanks so much for this, great great stuff here! x


Ed Davenport (Liebe*Detail)

Fall is the bomb! Then is also brilliant. lovely work from maik – hes got a very distinct sound which im really into with all its crispy claps and warm bassends


Boris Horel (Supernature, Freak n’ Chic)

lovely album with some nice beats programing. I love the old school feeling of “let’s go my friend” nice story evolution of “black paper ” thanks


Lars Sommerfeld (Two Faces / Fumakilla)



Lars Behrenroth

really nice traacks on here.. like ‘tell me’, ‘trippin on chords’ and ‘Then’ best


Kris Wadsworth (Morris Audio/Hypercolour)

quality! love this. really nice work. every track is total class, will chart.


Claudio Coccoluto

serious house


Ante Perry (Systematic)

Wow! What an album! FUcking good. With lots of Love & soul, but still groovy! 9/10


H.O.S.H (Diynamic/Kindisch)

nice debut album here. specially like basement stories, soul of a sampler and black pepper. but all together a round package with a signature. thanx


Andry Nalin

i like soul of a sampler, but all trax are high quality.


Sven Palzer (Puzzle Traxx)

“tell me” and “my old couch” are pretty cool! will play…


Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area)

soulfull and quality album from Loewen!! will play!


Patrice Meiner Kabuto & Koji (Supernature Recordings)

really diggin all tracks on this, lots of deep trippy tracks….really lovin, tell me,trippin on chords,my old couch and black paper…thanks.


Alex Arnout (Dogmatik)

Really likin this album, I don’t think I could play any of the tracks in my sets but as a deep house album, it’s great. uploadin it to my ipod now :) Thanks.


Rich Nxt DLate

Effective groove on Tell Me, could contribute well to a slow burning warm up. Nice and hypnotic. Cool bubbly bass on My Old Couch!


Nick Collins (54 Music)

This whole EP is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with me :)


Axel Bartsch (Sportclub)

i really like “basement stories” and “trippin on chords”. nice work in total.


Adam Shelton (Below)

amazing album,every track is so clear,stand out track for me is lets go my friends.but they are all superb!!:thankyou:))


Alland Byallo (Liebe Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, KONTROL)

Beautiful release!!! Full support! Almost every track appeals to me.


Pedramovich (Supernature)

Love Maik’s productions. and love this LP. a very old school yet fresh approach to sounds. nicely


Dolan Bergin (Electric Minds)

Great tracks, Basement Stories perfect for a late morning set. Will definitely play. Thanks for sending


Matt Masters (Freerange)

Sweet sounds man nice collection here..


Lewis Boardman (Chibuku / Circus)

the tell me track is the one for me ,will play for sure


Jim Rivers (Simple / Misfit records)

basement stories, lets go my friend, tripin on chords are the standouts at the mo for me. like the whole album tho, excellent


Alex Flatner (Circle Music)

Nice Album…Soul Of A Sampler and My Old Couch are the Tracks for me which i will try out…Alex Flatner


Fred Aubourg (Skat / Oleg Poliakov)

beautiful album; Congratz


Andrew Grant (Circo Loco)

luv the chords action


Yannick Labbé (Trickski / Innervisions)

nice debut album.


Stephan Bodzin

brilliant deep, detroit-influenced album. inspiring and moving me. then is my fav so far – but there..s still a lot to discover ;-)


Alex, System of Survival (IANUS71, Circoloco)

we like Soul Of Sampler and Then, very deep stuff.Thanks


Alexander Maier (Mood Music, Buzzin Fly, Hypercolour)

great dancefloor album. gonna hammer basement stories & soul of a Sampler.


Jon Howell (We Love…)

am really liking ‘lets go my friend’ the off beats are really doing it for me. also ..tripping on chords.. i can see me playing and also quite interesting. some of this will def get some radio play from me. cheers!


David Keno (Morris Audio)

very nice album!


Roberto Ali (Rob Mello / No Ears / Crosstown Rebels)

Trippin on Chords… Great!


Ruthit (Four:Twenty)

quality deep stuff


Manuel de Lorenzi Dirty Boots, (Immigrant, 8bit)

Already loved Maik’s stuff, this album is a confirm bout his talent. Love it…Im gonna play this week…Thanx


Sei A

All round fantastic release.


Dubble D, Moodymanc



Frankie Flowerz (Crosstown Rebels/Hypercolour)

the tracks that do it for me are “tripping on chords”,”my old couch”,”fall” and “black pepper”-great debut lp,though!


Koljah (Sushitech/Vidab/Konsequenz)

Very Good Album for listening and early club hours. Support!


Chi-Thien Nguyen (BAALSAAL)

wow!!! amazing album!!! gotta have a more proper listen once downloaded but this sounds amazing..!!


Phonogenic (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision)

sounds like proper deep techno this one. need to take a closer listen.


Neil Quigley (Urban Torque / Bedrock)

This album has some real moments, ‘Fall’ and ‘Lets Go My Friend’ particularly stand out…but the star of the show is Black Paper, can’t wait to play it out. Top album!



versatile and high quality! that’s the way we like our albums! :) Super!


Ste Roberts (Immigrant)

Solid as you like! All tracks really strong, all about the future dub vibs of ‘Trippin On chords’ Perfect!


Marcus Sur (Highgrade / trapez )

nice album, i will try “soul of a sampler” and “basement stories”


Daniel Schulze (Trenton)

very nice stuff! warm and deep…i like and will def play some tunes out of here. thanks, d.


Varoslav (Supplement Facts)

nice release! realy good music ‘lets go my friend is my fav in 1St listning..nice ones!


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