Maik Loewen – Between Seasons – NIV007



Robert Dietz

quality deephouse in here… we like cologne!


Afrilounge/ Liapin

Killer! Thats what we like! full support Liapin / Afrilounge


M.A.N.D.Y. (Philipp Jung)

durch und durch gelungene house pladde. fein.


Martin Landsky

i like all three versions…the deep gambol is my favourite though…will play it for sure…



really like gambol!



both original mixes are great. definitely be playing these out.


Ray Okpara



Tiefschwarz (Basti)

enya play it


Alland Byallo

Nice! Going to play this tonight! Really slick release. 5/5



Yeah like that !!! support


Gruber & Nürnberg

Yeahhh really nice deep sound from Maik Loewen! full support for enya and gambol…will play for sure…best Chris



ahh nice, i know this one..enya is really cool, gonna support that tune. solid ep!


Matt Star

ENYA (Original) – wow what a nice track, full support


Chris Carrier

great ep


Break 3000

Enya is very nice and deep ! fits perfect in my sets…


Anthony Collins

marquese remix is wickedd :-)


Mikael Stavöstrand

Very Nice .. prefer “Gambol” but will play all songs ..



gambol is nice !


Laurent Garnier

lovely tracks , especialy Enya will play


Paul Brtschitsch

still playing “dint” but this one is great too! maik knows how to “house” enya is my fav…nice timeless string theme! thank you!


Brett Johnson

Gambol is really nice….. Will def. support. thanks. bj



Enya is great, nice little doses of bass!



Nice Marquese remix



Gambol is my fav here – nice vibe


Matt K

nice nice nice i love all mixes! will play!


Marcel Knopf

always a fan of maik loewen…GREAT


Patrick Zigon

always like maiks tracks…this ep is great!


William Kouam Djoko

cool originals, will def see play time from me!!


Florian Meindl

gambol is cool!



gambol is for me!!!



Hey man! Nice interesting tracks as usual. I really like the lush vibe of the enja original in particular!!!


Ilario Alicante

marquese rmx for me!


DJ Deep

Enya original is the one for me here



enya will play



Gambol is nice and loopy, tx !


Pascal Feos

Gambol is the one!


David August

like a lot the grooves of the two originals!..will play!


Todd Bodine

“Gambol” is the one. Nice ep!!!


Gunnar Stiller

Enya is great!!!



Gambol nice warm up track


Someone Else

02 is nice. great deep shizzle. :)


Men In Trees

Really nice tracks. Will play all!! Thanks!


Brothers Vibe

Enya – SOLID!!!


Markus Schatz

my favorite is the remix! cool i will play it!!!


Paul Loraine

Maxi really is one of the most consistant labels for quality music, another belter.



super quality release, deep and morphing layers of soul


Markus Homm

top deep house!!


Daniel Dreier

i like the Marquese rmx!


Dan Drastic

nice tracks


Ziggy Kinder

Gambol is my tune, very nice Mr. Maik ! ;)



Enya original is great… lovely summer tune… reminds me old SVEK releases… :)


Rico Püstel

Super-duper Marquese remix !!! Thanks.


Nikola Baytala

Enya Marquese Remix, this track will be played in DETROIT 2010 sik deep house love it


Paulo Olarte

very nice ep, gambol is my favorite!


Nico Lahs

Gambol is for me! nice one! will play!


Ed Davenport

cool release! im really digging the marquese remix!


Dj Ison

This is cool, Enya and Gambol are excellent! Will definately play ! thanks Ison



thanks for sending..i like the nice trippy high in the middle of Enya (Original) mix and Gambol is a nice little groover, will play them! cheers.


Alex Danilov

love “Enya” great record!


Cosmic Cowboys (MGF/Resopal)

Strong Package! Love all tracks…Will play them for sure!


Erich Bogatzky

Brilliant EP!! Love it! Thanks, Maik.


Angel Molina

Enya original sounds perfect!



nice and deep


Matt K

nice nice nice i love all mixes! will play!


Raul Gayo (BeCool/Soundworks, BCN)

Very nice release will play it!


Channel X

Realy like the track Gambol. Very smooth!!


JC Freaks

deep deep deep. great ep. support here


Marcus Vector

nice ep, love the deepness. enya is my fav


Eddy Richards

like both mixes of enya



Gambol is the one for me! nice one!


Marko Nastic

nice! will be played in my radio show!


Raul Gayo (BeCool/Soundworks, BCN)

Very nice release will play it!



Press & Media


Blog –

Nice vibe on “Enya”!!!




Magazine – Posivision mag

feel relax, nice release.


Magazine – OurHouse // Dean Facer

Nice… thank you :)


Magazin – Mixmag // Ed Karney

A very solid release


Magazine – Lodown // Forty

The original version of Enya is clearly the winner here…


Magazine – Tsugi Mag

marquese remix is nice




Radio – Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

My 2 Favourite is the 2 original trackS. Enya cool for the Dancefloor, and Gambol good Deep House music : I love them !!! Soon on my show.


Radio – Docepulgadas (Spain)

Nice tracks! support from DocePulgadas RadioShow. Kiko Martínez.


Radio – Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

Love ENYA (original) – nice percussive number!


Radio – WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom:

“gambol” is my fave!!!


Radio – (Marcus S.-Müller)

the original of “Enya” is awesome. slowly emerging its power. very nice. marquees rmx work as well.


Radio – Sensio (Renegade Soundwave,NYC)

Gambol is pretty hot.


Radio – Paul Hamill // BBC Radio Ulster

Enya is lovely, perfect for me


Radio – BayrischerRundfunk/BR – Philipp Laier

1 – Haven’t heard of Loewen in while. Like his new stuff. Will play!

2 – Nice Deephouse-Tool! Will play!

3 – Like the playfulness side of this remix. Will play!


Radio – Steve Ward, KissFM, AU

Gambol is my fav with enya original mix coming in a close 2nd! great stuff



nice deep vibes here, Marquese versio is my fav

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